Day retreats

We offer various thematic day retreats, all focused on the wellness of being through meditation with the breath and the voice, movement and body awareness; exploration of one’s own human Instrument, the voice and all it has to offer. Healing, alignment, expression, creativity, introspection, musical education, and an intuitive approach to unravel your unique sound.

Day retreats are usually held in the nature outside the city, and sometimes in the urban nature of Montreal.

Thematic examples: 

  • Walking song (singing with nature)
  • Breathing presence (breathwork & song)
  • Sing your soul awake (mediative & energizing singing)
  • Reclaim your fire (diving into your authentic voice)

Weekend retreats

Expansive soul : body : voice retreats

How would it feel to expand with your wings & fly with your voice?

Join us for this expansive vocal retreat that will help you develop your voice and expand your musical library within. Our voice is a powerful tool for self discovery, freedom and healing.

Singing awakens the soul, helping us remember who we really are.
Being in our body with our breath, we stay connected to what is truly important.

Our true, natural, unique vibration and sound.

In a supportive environment, we will explore the many dimensions of our authentic, primal and creative voice. Supported with body awareness and movement, where our soul can relax, let go, and let flow!


  • Discover more about your authentic voice
  • Expand your musical repertoire
  • Dive into the subtle and strong connections between voice and body
  • Develop your creative voice by exploring vocal improvisation, harmonies and rhythm
  • Take time in the silence
  • Swim in amazing rivers

Our voice is like a relationship. It is our fire. We need to tend to it, get to know it as it changes, and as it strengthens and expands. Like any relationship, one can always go deeper and is often surprised by what comes from that union.

Singing is a powerful tool—both in the depth of healing and in the wholeness of celebration. Come and give yourself a gift. Sing your heart open!

  • Mornings: Qigong, yoga, breathwork and sound/voice meditation.
  • Afternoons: Guided singing & movement, circle songs, create, and sing in nature.
  • Evenings: Meditation concert & dance freedom &/or sing around the fire

With enough time for beautiful organic vegetarian meals, swims in the rivers, walks and rest.

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