“I sing to get answers, I sing to heal my soul and my body, I sing for strength and for courage.I sing for and with the divine within.”

Montreal-based Vocalist, Composer, Therapeutic Musician and Workshop leader, Rafaelle, continues to dedicate herself entirely to the exploration and development of the Human Voice.

From very early on, Rafaelle used singing as a way to expand beyond herself into something larger, and at the same time a way to find and indulge in her inner self. Singing became like a best friend in all different states of emotion, helping her through all phases of life. 

Rafaelle has a strong passion for the expression of the soul through sound and song. She guides people to their authentic voice, helping liberate the constraints of the mind and allowing the heart-song that wants to emerge.

She inspires confidence, and a soft strength in both the fire of creativity and the waters of deep inner connection.

Her unique vocal tone and style carry decades of experience and influence from the study of vocal Jazz at Concordia University, Hindustani classical vocal studies in North India, along with numerous vocal Masters from different parts of the globe.

Her passion for healing with the voice has led her to become a therapeutic musician, earning a certification for Music for Healing and Transition Program. She has studied the craft, spirit, and community of voice and body in improvisation at a mastery level under the guidance of pioneering teacher Rhiannon, and has learned the ins and outs of community choir conducting with CCTL. 

Rafaelle’s constant curiosity for expansion has lead her to study Clarity Breathwork; deepening the relations of the breath, subconscious, and conscious sounds of the soul.

Rafaelle’s true passion of bridging nature with technology and science with the sacred, brought her to create her most recent Project ‘HUMAN INSTRUMENT’ that debuted at la SAT and was performed in both 2018 & 2019. Human Instrument is a multimedia performance in the Satosphere, where her acapella voice derives and displays the visual and synesthetic effects of Cymatics. ( see more in projects )

Rafaelle has lead transformational meditation and voice retreats, creative choirs, and sound baths for the last decade, alongside singing with multiple local and international DJs of various styles. She continues to be inspired to spread the joy and depth of sound and deep listening around the world and within.

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