Creative Choir

A group singing experience where everyone who loves to sing is welcome to join.

This is a great place to discover your voice and musical creativity.

We learn songs and rounds from around the world and explore our voices as instruments. We create spontaneous songs with various fun and inspiring structures. We learn songs to develop on harmony and rhythmic values. We dive into various forms of vocal improvisation to discover our own authentic voice and confidence singing within a group and as a soloist. Everyone evolves at their own pace, and is encouraged to participate as much as he/she is comfortable. Everyone is welcome from beginner to more advanced.

“ It is an experience that invites the body and the spirit to let go, accept what is and free up to explore our natural , transportive instrument; our voice. Old fears and inhibitions seem to melt away between the physical movement, useful vocal techniques and excellent leadership. It’s a feeling of coming home, of excitement and joy.” Anastasia 

 “I attended the Creative Choir with great trepidation, I was absolutely terrified of singing in public, but enjoyed singing in a group or alone. Over the course of 10 short weeks Rafaelle gently guided us to a place of total trust and acceptance of our voices. It is fun, wacky and healing. Not only am I more confident of my singing voice but I feel empowered and confident in my everyday life. So the Creative Choir has changed my life and I will certainly be back for more!  – Hannah xxx


Next step : Vocal Improvisation

An intermediate vocal group, where vocal improvisation is the main focus. We explore spontaneous composition, creative games and musical education. The individual’s creative development is supported in an intimate musical collective. A minimum of 4 sessions of creative choir is required.

“Ce cours est plus qu’une formation, c’est une expérience à vivre!”

 “Rafaelle, dans toute sa douceur, nous incite à explorer, à sentir, à écouter, à jouer, à nous faire confiance.”


Sounding our Inner constellations

A meditative approach to discovering your voice. This is more of a focus on your inner vibrational world, using the voice as your tool for alignment, balance, breath awareness, and inner well being.
We use toning and chakra guidance to create more connections and awareness with your breath, voice, and inner landscape. This is a great way to strengthen your breathing and vocal tonus.

A meditative approach to discovering your voice. This is more of a focus on the inner vibrational world, using the voice as our tool for alignment, balance, breath awareness, and inner well-being.

“Thank you for helping me find my voice literally and spiritually <3” 

 “J’ai l’intention d’intégrer cette pratique dans mon processus d’évolution.”


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