Immersive concerts

Immersive concerts include a beautiful blend of organic and electronic soundscapes.

Rafaelle uses various effects and loops with her voice, mixed with ambient and engaging electronic beats and textures, creating a beautiful & mystical immersive experience. 

Depending on the venue, we can spatialize the sound to create a deep listening experience.Human Instrument is Rafaelle’s first dive into spatializing sounds in the Satosphere at la SAT, Montreal. (see projects) and then in Immerse(d) in London, also using subpacs to enhance the bass sounds of her compositions. This is a new and exciting avenue of creation !


Kali Moon meditation concert

A candlelit setting where you may sit or recline, slow down, and receive a meditative sound bath. Rafaelle’s delicious vocals are accompanied by various soft percussive and string instruments, as well as Tibetan bowls and chimes.

Occasionally, she invites guest musicians to play with her, ranging from hangpan to Chinese harp.

Originally the Kali moon concerts were created and offered on the darkest night of the month: the new moon. A time to go inside and reset for the next lunar cycle.

Each sound bath has an option to be acoustic and/or plugged with looping pedals and effects

 “ The most inspiring part is being able to witness such a purity of expression”
“ Vibrations in my heart.Your voice resonates to the deepest waters. Thank you.”


DJ sets & studio sessions

Rafaelle is a versatile singer, whose main love is to improvise. She started her singing career by singing with DJs in the DJ booth. Her love for the dancefloor persists, and her passion to sing live over good beats and baselines still remains over time. She brings lyrics and sophisticated phonetic lines, and is open to collaborative creation.


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