Rediscovering your voice as medicine

April – November 2024


  • NEW unique training program !
  • Full Program – 84h

  • Partial Program Option
    is available – 17h
  • Interview required
  • Limited spaces

If you’re eager to discover new avenues for expanding your vocal abilities, if the very act of singing resonates deep within your soul, and if you long to explore the limitless potential of your voice through both creative and therapeutic methods, this immersive training just may help to fullfil your dreams !


Enter a 6-month transformative journey through your human instrument. Weaving the creative and therapeutic potential of your voice, this Vocal Expansion immersive training will guide you to rediscover a power that has always been there. A light that is so bright

This unprecedented training at its heart is a compass guiding you on an extraordinary voyage to unearth the very essence of your human instrument.

Leading your voice into the boundless and the powerful, inspiring delicious change within your inner landscapes as well as in those you seek to touch.

Using body-based learning techniques, meditative appoaches, active vocal explorations, alongside scientific references, this master class connects the dots between the art of sounding, singing, breathing, self expression, and the greater mystery that moves through us. Beyond just singing, it’s about unraveling the transformative potential of your voice and embracing it as a medium for personal and collective change.

Painting a new reality one note at a time.


Schedule overview

Module 1


Therapeutic Voice

Discover the healing power of your voice

  • April 9th
  • April 23th 


Module 2


Your Voice as a Creative Tool

Ignite your creativity and harness your voice as a creative force

  • May 7th 
  • May 21th 


Module 3


Holding Space

Create nurturing & empowering spaces

  • June 4th 
  • June 18th 


Module 4 – Live Intensive


Living the expansion

Integrating & learning in an inspiring natural setting LIVE Long weekend!

  • July 4th to July 8th
Eastern Townships, QC, CA

Module 5


The power of generosity

Harnessing your creative & therapeutic tool box

  •  September 3rd
  • September 24th 


Module 6 Live intensive


The final feast!

Gathering all we have learned together in nature. LIVE long weekend!

  • October 10th to October 14th
The Laurentians, QC, CA

Module 7


Building Your Circle

Prepare to expand your Connections, launch your dreams into reality

  • November 5th
  • November 12th


and much More

+ 1 private coaching

+ creative engagement between modules

+ online group connection between modules

More detailed description of modules & guest teachers coming soon


Rafaelle is a powerful and versatile vocalist specializing in vocal improvisation and therapeutic vocal approaches. She firmly believes that singing is a superpower, unlocking our true essence and connecting us to the world in a holistic and empowering manner. She views our voice as our human instrument, offering a path to inner peace and freedom.

Who Is This For :

This program is designed for individuals who hold a deep passion for singing, thrive on exploration,  are actively seeking a transformative and expansive vocal experience.

If you are fuelled by curiosity, have a hunger for personal growth, and a genuine desire to unlock the boundless potential of your voice, breath and body, this program is your perfect match.

This immersive training welcomes a diverse array of participants. Whether you’re a casual singer, an intermediate enthusiast, or an advanced virtuoso, a curious therapist, a musician, an inquisitive sonic artist, storyteller, meditative guide, educator, community leader, or / and a wellness advocate, this program is open to all those who have a strong desire to deepen their relationship with their full-bodied vocal instrument.


The benefits of the Vocal Expansion Immersive Training will enable you to not only elevate your sonic journey, but also to make a meaningful difference in your creative, personal, and therapeutic pursuits:

  • Nurture artistic confidence – This training will empower you to gain more confidence in expressing yourself through your art, enabling you to unlock your full creative potential.
  • Enhance creative tools – Develop an extensive toolkit to expand and enrich your unique voice and creativity, giving you the resources to craft evocative, original, and powerful musical expressions.
  • Integrate embodied singing – Learn an embodied approach to singing and vocal techniques. Explore the vastness of your human instrument by way of body-based and somatic practices, yoga theories on breath and chakra systems as well as vocal techniques from opera, jazz and drupad singing.
  • Master vocal improvisation – Integrate the art of vocal improvisation into your daily life, tapping into the spontaneous, transformative, and liberating aspects of musical expression.
  • Activate the therapeutic voice – Awaken your therapeutic voice. Equip yourself with the means to support your own well-being and those around you. Harness the healing potential of your voice to create a positive impact in personal life and communal settings.
  • Broaden leadership skills – Acquire valuable leadership skills in holding safe and sacred spaces.
  • Cultivate daily routines and rituals that promote the well-being of your mind, body, and soul.

++ many more !


I thank Rafaelle for letting me be uncomfortable & c omfortable while developing my voice and reminding me to think out of the box with my speech & sound. ~ Jenny
I felt very supported & stimulated creativly ~ Jacky
Rafaelle’s gift is powerful and contagious. Grateful for her goddess presence, allowing me to be inspired
to connect to my inner instrument and play with it. ~ Melissa
This great softening of my voice reflects a great softening of my life. ~ Rachel

Guest teachers


Space Holder & Meditation Guide


Anatomy of Singing & Yoga Nidra guide


Somatic movement guide



7 modules + private session : 84 h
2250$ + tx

  • 2 to 4 instalments available with initial deposit
  • Pay Full Price all in one and get 250 $ off

Full program includes :
ALL 7 Modules + private coaching with Rafaelle +  creative engagement between modules


First 3 modules + private session : 17 h
550$ + tx

With an option to continue for the rest of the modules , price to be confirmed.

Partial program includes :
First 3 modules + Private coaching with Rafaelle

++ all $ options do not include Room and board at 2 locations for Live immersion (June & October )



Fill out the questionnaire


One on one meeting with Rafaelle via Zoom


Deposit (250$) or full payment to reserve your place

Space is Limited : 16 committed participants will be selected for the full program

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