Therapeutic Sound Bath

A personalized approach with sound, especially curated to your individual needs.

Rafaelle uses her therapeutic voice, chrystal & tibetan bowls, gongs, soft melodic rhythmic instruments (tung drum, hand pan and tamboa boxes) Tanbura, shruti box and small harp. All depending on what is needed. Yoga Nidra, therapeutic touch and tuning fork therapy is often combined for the best results. Beneficial for the nervous system, over thinking, deep relaxation, inner inquiry, self reflection, purification, serotonin boost, landing, and grounding ++

Certification as a therapeutic musician and sound therapist, as well as vocal studies in jazz and hindustani classical training. 


Singing /sounding coach

Singing is for everyone !

Singing and sounding are very therapeutic and healing tools, as well as a liberating and expansive way of connecting to your true self.

These sessions can be Meditative or / and creative

  • Meditative session includes:  breathing exercises, toning work, seed sylabils, chakra connection and creative mantra exploration. + more depending on what is needed/wanted
  • Creative/ expressive session includes : breathing with your whole body, simple and helpful vocal techniques, singing with guidance (songs & spontaneous songs), creative writing and movement to access the whole body as your instrument. + more depending on what is wanted/ needed

Clarity Breathwork

3h breathwork session

Using guided extended breathwork to move gently through any issue, inspire more expansion, release tension and reveal deeper truth with this feminine approach.

These sessions can be very deep and healing as well as clarifying and energizing.

Why 3 hours? Everyone is different. This work is very profound and can take time to settle into a receiving state. Offering ample time and space to ground and feel complete before leaving the session is most important.

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