Voice therapy

“I am full of gratitude that you, Rafaelle are part of my journey and reminding me to think out of the box with my speech. I will roar <3” 

2h private session includes

  • breath work principles
  • guided voice work
  • therapeutic approaches to find ways to unravels ones authentic voice.

All my session are intuitive based. Every voice is unique.


Clarity Breathwork

3h breathwork session

Using guided extended breathwork to move gently through any issue, inspire more expansion, release tension and reveal deeper truth with this feminine approach.

These sessions can be very deep and healing as well as clarifying and energizing.

Why 3 hours? Everyone is different. This work is very profound and can take time to settle into a receiving state. Offering ample time and space to ground and feel complete before leaving the session is most important.

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