Human Instrument

Human Instrument is an a cappella performance that provoques a synaesthetic experience of “looking at sound”.With the use of live cymatics, the human voice is projected onto physical matter, where both mediums dance together provoking light reflections and iconic patterns that display the intricacies of the human voice.

This show both demonstrates the power of the human voice and the effects and importance of water; how our voices affect our waters within and around us.

We are 70% water. Everything is vibration. Through cymatics, we see the reality of how a human voice creates various patterns through liquid. This confirms that sound vibrates and affects our body at a cellular level.

Rafaelle’s vision extended to inviting two native grandmothers to share their prayers for our waters. The effects of their spoken and sung prayers on water is shown visually, and represents the human instrument exercising two of the original languages of Canadian Land.

Originally, Human Instrument had four voices under the musical direction of Rafaelle: an opera singer, Arabic singer, and a beat boxer, and was performed at la SAT in Montreal; showing the different ways we use our human instrument and advocating the diversity of our human Instrument.

Human Instrument show has been made in the satosphere at La SAT; a 360° dome offering a full immersive livestream video and surround sound.

This show was made in residency with La Societe des arts et technology in 2018.

Photos by Sebastien Roy and Jean-Christophe Yacono

Concept, musical & art direction, composer & live vocalist > Rafaelle Mackay
Visual & art direction, co producer > Isabella Salas
Visual artist & motion designer > Patrick Trudeau
Producer & collaborator > La SAT team
Sound design & composer > Sylvain Lapointe
Cinematographer > Mark Ó Fearghaíl & Hong An Nguyen 
Guest artists (version 1) > Lamia Yared, Geoffroy Salvas & Spectrax
Video operator (version 1) > Cassidy Lerman

Original show @ La SAT, Montreal 25.09.18- 06.10.18
Version II @ La SAT, Montreal ( tour version ) 05.02.19 – 08.02.19


”Beautiful and original. The visualization of the amazing singers and music is hypnotic. Truly a one of a kind experience!!”

“Fantastic immersive experience in the presence of amazing artists displaying their voices on the dome. Was really surprised by the intensity of the experience. Beautiful how voices create complex geometry. “

“Stupendous live show! So incredibly creative you forget the technical prowess. Beautiful and very moving. Unlike anything I’d ever seen and heard. Bravo! “

”A time travel experience, from birth to death. . .
Organic sounds and images that resonates in your body and mind. You are the instrument ?”

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