Workshops & Creative Choir



Sound Alignment

In this workshop Rafaelle teaches voice cultivation and the essentials of the Yoga of Sound.  Fusing her knowledge of Vocal techniques with the ancient meditative practice of Nada Yoga, she inspired upon her students the tools to harness the natural beauty and resonance of the voice.

With exploring the relationship between sound and the body, through breath work, toning, and seed syllables, students will use their voice to vibrate through the chakras, discovering and observing if and where there is a for need balance. These are simple yet powerful tools for greater alignment.


Singing for health

In this workshop we will explore the relationship between breath, singing, and overall well being. Staying connected to our breath is a powerful tool that can help us stay grounded in the present moment and even improve the functioning of our nervous system. Through breathing exercises, movement, toning, and an exploration of harmony we will develop skills to sing ourselves to optimal health.


Spontaneous Voice

Improvisation is a powerful musical force and life-changing tool that teaches us to stay awake and present in every moment. Using structured improvisation this workshop invites you to explore your authentic voice. Developing and strengthening harmony, rhythm, vocal tone and technique, you will learn to express your voice as an instrument. Experience the depth of a solo and the spirit of a collective to help you dive deeper and create your own sense of sound.


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Creative Choir

An acapella choir, where you will learn a variety of repertoire of music from around the world.  All taught by ear. No sheet music !  We explore harmony in rounds and 4 part harmony songs. We also learn how to integrate the power of improvisation in song structures.

This is a rich learning experience, both in musicianship and community building.

Open to anyone that has an enthusiasm to sing and explore their voice

Testimonials for the Creative Choir :

“I have been talking the choir group signing classes with Rafaelle for several sessions and it remains one the highlights of my week.  She is an expert facilitator and vocal instructor, who really helped me open up to the magic of my voice and signing in harmony with others. There have many many amazing moments in these groups, some richly deep, some wonderfully rousing, and more than a few sonic surprises that keep me coming back for more.” -Antonio / Neerav, Creative Choir member

“Wow…The creative choir has been an essential part of my healing process.  It has taught me a lot about how to improve the quality of my voice.  It has allowed me to experiment with improvisation more fully and hear the imaginary creative compositions I have going on in my head all the time. It has given me more of a sense of confidence when I sing and a freedom to harmonize.”  -Marilyn, Creative Choir member


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