About Rafaelle Mackay

“I sing to get answers, I sing to heal my soul and my body, I sing for strength and for courage. I sing for and with the divine within. What a gift!” 

Rafaelle Mackay is Vocalist, Composer, Therapeutic Musician and Workshop leader based in Montreal, Canada.  Fed from a deep inner connection to the power of the human voice, she has dedicated herself to bringing people along in an exploration of this fine instrument.

As a vocalist she invites her audience to connect to inner worlds in her meditative concert series and her album “Mayu”, which is appreciated by practitioners of meditative arts of all styles.  Her vocal tone, smooth and deep, has been influenced both by the study of vocal Jazz at Concordia University, Hindustani classical vocal studies in North India and her involvement in various musical collaborations, being a founding member of Montreal premier improvisational ensemble Kalmunity Vibe Collective, as well as by her journey of discovery traveling to Asia, South America and Europe to study with teachers and masters of voice and consciousness.

Her passion for healing with the voice has led her to become a therapeutic musician, earning a certification for Music for Healing and Transition Program. She has studied the craft, spirit and community of voice and body in improvisation at a mastery level under the guidance of pioneering teacher Rhiannon as well as learned the ins and outs of choir conducting with CCTL.  Her practical experience and knowledge can be felt in the Creative Choir sessions she leads in Montreal and the Laurentians.

Bridging the worlds of nature and technology, she is currently collaborating with musicians, producers and DJ’s, layering beats and voice to bring depth, inspiration and sensitivity to dance floors.

Workshops & Creative Choir

Workshops & Creative Choir

Workshops & Creative Choir

Therapeutic Music & Palliative Care

Offer your loved one a sense of peace


Rafaelle is a certified therapeutic musician and music practitioner. Working with live therapeutic music in a one-on-one setting, she creates a healing environment for any ill or dying person. 


This healing modality is an intimate and effective way to help one relax, ease pain, and come to terms with the life-death transition.  Family and friends who wish to be present are most welcome since live therapeutic music is also beneficial to loved ones in this process.


Therapeutic music is available for:

  • Private sessions at a residence or home
  • Hospital settings
  • Hospices

 Rafaelle is also available to perform for funerals.

Concerts & Events

Concerts & Events

Concerts & Events


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