Sounding our inner constellations Mtl

Sounding our inner constellations is a meditative approach to discovering your voice.

This fall we will dive into a 5 week listening vocal journey

This is more of a focus on your inner vibrational world, using the voice as your tool for alignment, balance, breath awareness, and inner well being.
We use toning and chakra guidance to create more connections and awareness with your breath, voice, and inner landscape. This is a great way to strengthen your breathing and vocal tonus.

Learning ways to tune in with your breath and voice to listen and to feel your self and beyond in various grounding and expansive ways.
A powerful work in its simplicity.
a time to stop, listen and dive in to your inner galaxy

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Oct 02 2019 - Oct 30 2019

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  • Creative Choir
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    Sep 12 2019 - Dec 05 2019
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    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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