Private Session with Breathwork

Breath is one of the purest, fastest and most simple ways to shift energy on a deep level and return home to ourselves and the vast, infinite love that abides within us. The Breath is a Miracle medicine for our time, and one of our greatest resources. Dive into the healing power of your breath to transform your life and liberate your potential.

What a Breath work session looks and feels like :

We start with an intake of your birth his/her story & a sharing of what is your intention for the session. I would explain you the basics of the technique and what to potentially expect.

Depending on what you need, we may start by doing some toning work, chanting , or/and movement to help wake up what is asking to be revealed.

Then you lay down or sit. whatever is most comfortable. I guide you into a breathing pattern that is continuous, soft, gentle, feminine, receiving, giving, circular. This encourages more oxygen to the brain and brings you into a sort of trance.

A trance of clarity.

Often one can journey into childhood memories, past lives, present life solutions, celebration, grief, body memories, rebirths, forgotten memories, ecstasy. All is possible really.

I have done numerous types of therapies and plant medicine ceremonies, and truly NOTHING compares to this type of ‘work’ It is one of the most clarifying, veil lifting, empowering forms of therapy I have ever done.

I am a certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. I completed 2 years of training and session work in 2016-2017

I am very passionate about this approach and would be honored to hold you in this space of reverence.

If you would like to book a session there are 3 options ! These sessions are 2h minimum.

1~ At my new Oasis in the Laurentians (1h15 from Mtl /15 mins from Val David)

2~In Montreal at a beautiful studio



May 03 2021 - Jul 12 2021


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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