Kali Moon Meditation Series

Sounding our inner constellations
#3 >> May 19th @ 19h-21h <<
A monthly Voice & Meditation Series

Based on a meditative approach to discovering & developing your voice.
A yoga for the voice
>>Learn how to sing with your whole body
>>Focus on your inner vibrational world, using the voice & breath as your tool for alignment, balance, breath awareness, and inner well being.

>>Using toning and chakra guidance to create more connections and awareness with your breath, voice, and inner landscape. This is a great way to strengthen your breathing and vocal tonus.
>>Learning ways to tune in with your breath and voice to listen and to feel your self and beyond in various grounding and expansive ways.
>>A powerful work in its simplicity.
>>A time to stop, listen and dive in to your inner galaxy
Every new Moon

>> Open to all levels of singing <<

3 Dates ( March 24th/April 21 & May 19th)  for 100$
or 1 session 40$
Registration >> info@rafaellemackay.com


May 19 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


100$ x3 or 40$ x1
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