Breathwork & Soundplay Day Retreat

How do you want to prepare to say good bye to 2019?

Breathwork is an amazing way to connect to your subconscious,

letting what wants & needs to be seen, be seen and heard

This unique blend of exploring with our voices as a meditative tool, to help open up our energy centers, clear the pathway for what is needed for your evolution..

to then dive deep with our breath and receive. This could range from forgotten memories, blockages, ancestral teachings, traumas, guidance, expansiveness in areas that seemed closed, openness to a new outlook, a deeper connection to self and the divine, clarity , acceptance, peace, joy, celebration

all is possible

This is a 5h day retreat in the forest

Limited space

reservation necessary >>

95$ for the day ( via etransfer before the 13th of December )

What will this day look like ?
>> Arrival
>> Short explanation of breathwork, how it works and herstory
>> Warm up with movement & sounding meditation( soundplay)
>> 1h breathwork ceremony, guided with music
>> Live Sound Bath by Rafaelle
>> Closing fire sound ceremony

Tisane provided

What is Clarity Breathwork?
‘Clarity Breathwork (formerly known as Rebirthing) is a powerful process of healing and transformation. It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions and opens the doors wide for new life and greater consciousness. Most of us don’t breathe fully, we hold back the breath and have been doing so most of our lives. When we start to breathe fully and consciously we are easily able to release what we have been holding and open to an incredible expansion of consciousness, including greater forgiveness and self-love. This inner change brings about shifts in our outer lives for the better.’
As we breath fully, all of our cells are being oxygenated inviting more circulation into the body and brain. Creating pathways for us to better receive what wants to move ,revealed and be seen
This feminine approach of breathwork encourages a soft strength in being present to what is unraveling and expanding within.

What is Soundplay?
In this day retreat we will start with movement to connect to our body and senses , opening our breath and body connection and to simply let go of any superficial body tensions and mind chatter
we will follow this with a voice activation meditation, connecting to our voice, breath and chakra system. Inviting our voices to create inner vibrations to expand our listening and subtle sensations to be activated. helping to create circulation and scan the body before diving into the breath work ceremony
This prep allows us to connect in and start our breath journey with more awareness of our inner garden and what is there at the present moment .

why 4 hours ?
Breathwork is a profound process. one can dive very deep into unknown spaces within. With movement and sounding to open our session and a soundbath to end our day. These 4 hours will allow you to land, ground and be safe to return home after an expansive journey

What to bring :
> Yoga Mat, warm shawl or blanket, comfortable clothing, fruit or/and snacks, reusable water bottle

Who is Rafaelle :
Rafaelle is a singer, sound astronaut, therapeutic musician and breathwork practitioner. She trained with Clarity Breathwork as a practitioner and has been blown away on how much our breath can help shift and bring forth true transformation. Along sing singing, her passion and devotion. Both singing and breathing can be revolutionary and we all have these tools within us..they simply need/want to be activated !
Rafaelle has been holding wellness retreats and workshops for more then a decade.



Dec 15 2019


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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